Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When you keep your brain cells in storage

In January 2011, I had a show of my paintings at the National Institutes of Health. (read about it here). The theme of the show was "Love and Death", and it featured paintings that showed the micro side of each - the various cells and structures involved in love (like the hair, skin, eyes, heart and brain) and death (bacteria, viruses and cancer). 

Some of the paintings from that show have gone on to new homes, some have been in other shows, and one will be on the cover of a book soon. But there was one - the brain - that has been sitting in storage ever since it came home from Bethesda.  I was convinced that it was sloppy and full of mistakes. 

This week, when I started thinking about which paintings to include in my giveaway, it crossed my mind to take a look at it again - maybe give it away, maybe cut it down into a few smaller pieces. So I went to take a look. But when I pulled it into the radiant light of the corridor at E-Z Storage, I had a different reaction than I expected. I wuz like NO WAI! (When I get excited, I speak lolcat.) This thing is rockin'! 

Yeah, it has some painting mistakes. No, I'm not telling you where they are. I'm just going to say OMG will you look at this brain cell painting. I made it. It's good. You should go to my shop and buy it and hang it on your wall. That is all.

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