Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brain Damage

Update: painting has been claimed. 
I painted this new tree-motif brain yesterday and was very happy with how it came out. Then today, when I went to remove the masking fluid (the stuff that keeps the white parts white), I managed to damage the surface of the painting in several small places. Attempts at brain surgery failed, but I still think it's cool. If anybody would like it, just drop $10 to cover the mat and postage in my paypal account (miche (at) null.net) and I'll send it to you. US only, please.

A Little Off-Topic Rant

This isn’t my usual thing, but I keep seeing this ad, and it drives me insane. So I guess it’s time for a little off-topic rant.

I apologize for the quality of the photo – it’s a cell-phone snap from a newspaper page. I tried to find this image online and failed.  However, I think you can see it well enough to tell that it’s a visual compendium of nearly everything insanely annoying about how people view men and women in the workplace.

First off, look at that office. It’s entirely white. Every surface is white, even the floor. This “office” was obviously designed by someone who has never set foot in one. No clutter, no coffee, and the only color is provided by the HP products (of course) and the beautiful pieces of paper they have produced, which have been neatly arranged on the wall by a team of stylists. Just like in your office. But I can live with the all-white office - I mean, Roger Sterling has one. It’s the people that really bug me.

Let’s look at the guy. Isn’t he cute? His hair is tousled, his face a little stubbly.  His shirt is hanging out. He is wearing comfy clothes and shoes. He wears a wedding ring, so we know he is unavailable. Now the woman. She has sleek, perfect hair. Straight skirt. High heels.  No ring. You might still have a chance with her. He points out something to her, indicating that he knows stuff. She listens, enraptured.

Now let’s think for one tiny second whether this ad would have run if the guy were immaculately turned out, listening attentively as a woman with an untucked shirt, messy hair and flat shoes pointed to something on a graph. Then let’s all have a good, long laugh. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More shows coming up!

Artomatic  in Arlington through June 23

If you haven't visited Artomatic yet, you really should. There's still plenty of time - it runs until June 23 and features more DC area artists than you can shake a stick at (around 1,100 of them, in fact). Plus there are many fun activities and performances, including workshops for children and adults. Have a look at the website for lots more information.

June 16-17   Old Town Arts and Crafts Festival - Alexandria, VA

July 1  First Sunday Arts Festival - Annapolis, MD

October 6 Art on the Avenue - Alexandria, VA

October 14 MPA Artsfest - McLean, VA