Friday, February 12, 2016

Panda Tweetup! Panda Tweetup! Panda Tweetup!

Hey DC twitter friends! Two of the best things about our city have converged recently – the arrival of a panda cub and the arrival of no-tourists season. So I propose a panda tweetup to be held on Thursday, February 25, at the National Zoo.

Here’s the plan: we meet between 10 and 10:30 am at the tables across from the entrance to the panda habitat (“Panda Plaza” on the zoo map, not to be confused with the Panda Overlook Café). I’ll make a bunch of delicious cookies and get one of those boxes of coffee. We will eat cookies and drink coffee and look at pandas and talk and tweet. If there's a line for the pandas we can take turns. Or something. We'll figure it out. 

I fully realize that 10 on a Thursday is tough for some people, but I tried to choose a time that would maximize our chances of seeing Bei Bei and minimize our chances of being overwhelmed by tourists. According to the zoo, this is the time of day he is most likely to be up and active.

So, please come. Invite your friends. This is not any kind of official or zoo-sanctioned activity, just a chance to hang out. If about 20 people come, we all get cookies and coffee on me. If hundreds come, we may have to go to Starbucks (not on me).

To summarize: Thursday, February 25, starting at 10am, National Zoo, Panda Plaza. Bei there! 

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