Monday, August 19, 2013

Not so much keeping calm, but carrying on

Wow, 2013 has been a really tough year so far. It started off with a crushing depression in January, caused partly by what we shall call “complications of uninsuredness”. I got better, and then my husband lost his job in May. Of course, no financial disaster is complete without emergency dental work and car repairs, so I added those. And then someone stole my phone.

Possibly because I am not British, I pretty much suck at keeping calm – I cry all the time – but I’m pretty good at carrying on. I’ve kept making art, had a full schedule of shows, and I’ve been working hard at building up my inventory for fall shows and online holiday traffic. I’m blogging twice a week over at the Finch & Pea, on Wednesdays (Art of Science) and Saturdays (Science Caturday). I moderated sessions at ScienceOnline in January and ScienceOnline Climate last week.  I’m also preparing for a major gallery show with Ellyn Weiss and Jessica Beels in January that involves making all new work in several media.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on, and here’s what’s coming up.  I recently added five new scarf designs to my etsy shop, including three based on neuron images and two on my “Portrait of a Human” piece. They are gorgeous, and you should really get one.

I also have five shows coming up in the next two months, so if you’re in the DC area, please try to stop by.

September 8: Art on Belmont, Adams Morgan, DC
September 14: Downtown Hyattsville Art Festival
October 5: Art on The Avenue, Alexandria, VA
October 6: MPA ArtFest, McLean, VA
October 19-20: Art @ The Park, Annapolis, MD

I also hope to spend a few days selling art at the Downtown Holiday Market in December but I’m still waiting to hear from them.


  1. I love your new neuron scarves! Gorgeous!

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