Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In which I dip a toe into the turbulent waters of career advice

Boy, have I read a lot of bad career advice lately! My favorite was the article that told artists to figure out which were the best galleries in the richest markets, and try to get their work in there. Ahahahahahahaha! Yup, let’s all submit our images to the Gagosian Gallery in New York and see how that goes.

I did read one piece by a guy named Mat Gleason that struck a chord with me, so I’d like to share some of it here.  Here’s my favorite line:

“Just make the art and sell it for whatever it takes to get it out of the studio and make more.” Yes.


“Everyone has great career advice for you that is current for 1979, or 1985 or 1994, whatever year they broke into the art world -- that is the master plan they insist everyone must follow; they assert you will not succeed unless you, too, do things like they did back then. 


There is no blueprint for a masterpiece and there is no blueprint for a successful art career. Like Gandhi said, "What you do will not be important but it is important that you do it." he didn't add " buy the overpriced book and DVD series on how to succeed at doing that unimportant important thing."

He has more to say about galleries, art schools, charity auctions and many other topics of interest to artists. You can read the rest here. Then go make some art.

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