Monday, July 30, 2012

Trying Something New

Guess what? After years of having people tell me my paintings would look great on fabric, I finally took the plunge and put a few on fabric. Specifically, on gorgeous silk chiffon scarves. It's a little bit of a plunge into new territory for me, so I was lucky to have the help of some friends, especially Tracy Lee, who helped me tweak my original paintings into gigantic digital files for printing, and Alison Alten Jia, who makes gorgeous scarves at Middle Kingdom and who kindly introduced me to her printer.

The first two designs - Blue Mitosis and Yellow Petri Dishes - are in my etsy shop now. Another one, in citrus colors, is coming soon. So - what else can I say? You really could use one for your next scientific meeting, geeky gift or just as a unique fashion accessory. And yes, that is the same Blue Mitosis painting that was on the cover of the EMBO journal. The scarf will look much better than cutting the cover out of the magazine and pinning it to your shirt : ) 

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